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When the Shoulder Needs a Shoulder

What happens when the person who is always there for everybody, needs somebody? Sometimes people don't even realize how often they lean on the same person. There is something about that person that says, "You can lean on me" or "I'm here for you." But how often are YOU the shoulder or the listening ear? I don't mean for the first 5 minutes of the conversation where they unload for a moment and then you bring the conversation back to your problems. I mean REALLY listening and letting the moment be all about them. Strong people are not always strong. They appear that way because they are supporting others or because they feel like they have to. But they cry when they're alone and break down when no one is watching. If you have a strong person supporting you all the time, try flipping the script and become the supportive one. Be that shoulder. Try it. I truly believe it will be appreciated.

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