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Gullah Festival 2022
Memorial Day Weekend!
5/27 - 5/28 - 5/29
We are getting ready for you! Thank you for always supporting our fundraising efforts. In order to afford the type of entertainment you deserve, we need and appreciate your continuous support. Thank you! 

Based on the recommendations of the CDC in an effort to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, the 2021 Gullah Festival was canceled. We did NOT have an in-person festival. However...

Gullah Festival Virtual Event 2.jpg

Click on the flier above. 

The presentation will remain here, on our Youtube channel and on FB so don't worry if you missed the premier viewing. 
The live presentation that aired on 5/29/21 can still be seen on our YouTube channel and Facebook. 

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Gullah Festival 2022
Edward Rhodes and The Xenia Group 
Edward Rhodes Xenia Group Gullah.jpeg
The Gullah Geechee Ring Shouters
Gullah Geechee Ring Shouters.jpeg
Dr. Marlena Smalls and the Hallelujah Singers
Hallelujah Singers .jpeg
Dr. Louise Cohen - Gullah Storyteller
Gullah Louise Cohen Storyteller.jpg
Aunt Pearlie Sue & Gullah Kinfolk
Gullah Kinfolk.jpg
Wona Womalan West African Drum and Dance Ensemble
Wona Womalan West African Dancers  .jpg
Single Leg Amputee Sports Association
Single Leg Amputee SA.jpg
Royal Entertainers Sierra Leone
Royal Entertainers Sierra Leone Gullah .JPG
Beaufort Mass Choir
Beaufort Mass Choir.jpeg
Cool John Ferguson
GF Cool John Ferguson Photo 2022.jpg
To all of our Festival performers, THANK YOU for the entertainment you have provided throughout the years.  
If you are an entertainer and would like to provide a video for future Gullah Festival events, please submit your information in the contact form below.  (2023)

Thanks! Message sent.

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