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Stressed vs Blessed- You Decide!

A friend of mine, Audrey Hill, recently ministered to me with the message, "Don't Lose Yourself." I think we could all benefit from this message from time to time. Over the past two years, have you found yourself doing things out of character? Have you slipped into habits that you can't seem to break? Have stressful situations started to get the better of you? We've seen horrible acts of violence in the news and on social media. People are breaking into homes at an alarming rate. There is a teacher shortage and as a result, some schools have had to make accommodations I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. At times, it just seems like the world has gone crazy. Well, please don't let 2022 see you sweat!

You have to remember who you are! When you start to forget, remind yourself that you are better than that bad habit or that stressful situation. I'm not saying that we should ignore our stressors and act like they don't exist. What I am saying is that while we are acknowledging the things that cause us stress, we cannot forget about the blessings we receive daily. Do you know how many people will never see another sunrise or a sunset? The fact that you're still here is a blessing. How many people would love to have the job that you hate and complain about every day? If you find yourself, losing yourself, stop and remember who you are or who you want to be and speak life into yourself or your situation. "I will not let anyone or anything take me out of character today. I will remember to be thankful for my blessings today. I will be a better me than I was yesterday." Whatever you have to tell yourself to keep going, make that a daily routine starting now. How will you walk into 2022? I've decided to walk in BLESSED!

Be blessed!

Dawna Pazant

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