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Ready? Reset. Go!

Although this year is quickly coming to an end, the effects of 2020 will live on in the hearts and minds of all who have had to endure it. The year offered plenty of good times (i.e., Verzuz battles [my personal favorite was Erykah Badu and Jill Scott!!], DJ Cassidy's Pass the Mic sessions, DJ D-Nice's Club Quarantine, and your participation in the 2020 election), and plenty bad (COVID-19, COVID-19, and COVID-19), but through it all, we are here. We made it to December, and I thank God for every day with which He has graced me! Not everyone made it this far and my prayers go out to each and every one of you who lost loved ones. It has been hard not grieving with mine and not being able to offer a warm embrace or a hand to hold. For this most of all, I will forever detest this year. I wasn't able to comfort my loved ones in person, when they needed it most.

While it's true that forgetting this will not be easy, one thing 2020 has taught me for certain is that I will never again, concerning all that I can control, waste time/spend my energy on anything that or anyone who doesn't deserve it. Period. During this year, I was able to REALLY reset. I took time to read, learn about myself, my spirit, the strength of my character, those of my family and friends, etc. It wasn't easy, but there was a culling away of people and things. There were some tears shed, but in the end and more than anything, I feel lighter, freer to do and be more.

While you're home, I hope you too, take time to discover what you love. Please nourish and cherish those things. Find out what you don't like or need, and get rid of it. May you discover that your time is too precious, and that you are worth the time and effort of loving those who want to love you in return. I truly wish you peace for the remainder of this year and beyond. I won't limit any of you to 2021 with a New Year's resolution, because I believe that growth and learning should be eternal. We should always want to grow and learn something new, and SHARE what we've learned with others. That sharing is how communities grow. Never forget that.

Meanwhile, may God's grace and peace cover you and your families in the new year and in keeping with the culture, I wish you Rev. Al Green's love and happiness. I hope you know that's a lot of soul! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year! Until we meet again... Ready? Reset. Go!

Kenyana Briscoe #GullahGriot

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