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It's a Celebration!!

Happy June, Everyone!  I love late spring.  The weather is not yet too hot, almost, but not quite.  Summer is literally a day away, and children are super excited about going to the beach or the pool.  It's time to celebrate Juneteenth.  Time to celebrate Black Music Month.  Time to celebrate Pride Month.

People will literally be running in all directions just to do something out of the norm.  Taking a break from the ho-hum of work and school, families take off to far-away places for summer vacations.  When I was a little girl, spending a day at the beach was the best!  I think it still is, but I also loved the long drives to New York and New Jersey with Grandma at the wheel.  For those who don't know this fun fact about Rosalie F. Pazant, she loved to travel, especially to drive!  Long drives required her to pull out her CB radio.  Yes!!  My grandmother was known up and down I-95 to the truckers as "Lady P"! I can still hear her asking them if they saw any smokies" up ahead.

When I was a little girl, spending a day at the beach was the best! What are your plans for the summer?

Those not traveling will be staying put, and instead cooking outdoors.  I love a good cookout!  My favorite cookout food is still a juicy cheeseburger.  I'm going to a Juneteenth celebration this weekend, where the food will be a happy mix of African- and Caribbean-American favorites.  I look forward to being around my skinfolk.  Can't wait to hear some good R&B music from my mother's generation on down, with a healthy dose of Hip-Hop mixed in.  

I love my people!  I love our food.  I love how we talk and laugh.  I hope you're all celebrating your beautiful selves!  To my LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters, I see you in your silence, and I hope you know you are loved too, my children of God.  Celebrate who you are and that you are loved!  Oh, June... you are a wonder.


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