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Dear family,

We are wading in uncharted waters with the onset of COVID-19, and now more than ever, we need to act as one community.  Please check on your loved ones both next door and across town.  Call, text, or FaceTime your family and friends over yonder and over there.  Also, remember to take care of yourself.  You cannot help anyone if you're not physically, mentally, and spiritually able to do so.

Remember the saying, "It takes a village..."?  Well, it truly does.  We are going to need one another, so please act prayerfully, responsibly, and purposefully.  Engage with one another with the hopes of lifting up your brothers and sisters, while practicing social distancing.  Find out if you have food or supplies that you can spare for a neighbor or community food pantry.  If you're suffering from cabin fever, find out if you're able to volunteer some of your time to a local organization, like making meal deliveries.  Donate blood.  Wash your hands.  Just remember to heed the warnings and restrictions set by state and local authorities.

In closing, may we all grow stronger as a community because of this global challenge.  May we cherish our loved ones even more.  May we learn whatever lessons emerge in the days and weeks ahead of us.  Most of all, I wish you so much love, light, and peace during these turbulent times.  We have overcome so much, and we will endure this, too.

Blessings abound,

Kenyana Briscoe

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1 Comment

Thomasine Hill
Thomasine Hill
Mar 20, 2020

Peace and blessings to you. Stay safe and well

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