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Back to Beaufort

Back to Beaufort

I'm looking forward to going back to Beaufort.  I am ready to see my family and friends, and I'm ready to drive through the old neighborhoods.  I think I'm even ready to feel that familiar SC sun and humidity lean on me for a few days.  Maybe...  Heat and I are NOT friends, but I will survive.  I won't make it to the beach, but I will definitely get some ocean breezes.  Water, water everywhere...

Beyond that, I'm ready for the food, music, and the good times the Gullah Festival brings.  There is a vibe that is in the air from the festival's start to finish that has its own rhythm.  It's like you can still feel the beat after the music stops, between acts and late into the night after the entertainers have gone.  The artwork, the artistry of the sweetgrass baskets, the love that goes into some of the local dishes...  

Lord have mercy, I cannot wait to get some seafood!!!  Fish & grits or shrimp & grits for breakfast.  Frogmore Stew, yum!  Crab rice, red rice...  I'll miss my mother's iced tea, but I will settle for a beer to wash down the meal.  For dessert, bread pudding, or a fruit cobbler from scratch made by my Aunt DaRenne.  No pressure, Auntie!

I'm looking forward to the people.  The laughter we make, the songs we sing, and the dances we do.  There are some that may feel that there's not much to celebrate these days, but life is something indeed.  Let everything that have breath praise the Lord!  I'm coming home to celebrate life with my family and friends.  

Hoping to see you there and wishing you safe travels,

Kenyana Briscoe,

The Gullah Festival is finally here! Enjoy the collage of culture and entertainment that you'll find Memorial Day weekend. We can't wait to greet you with some Gullah love!!

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