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Vendor Information

Prospective Vendors 

If you are interested in being a vendor at the 2021 Festival, please read the information carefully and follow all the directions. Please check our list of Frequently Asked Questions below  before contacting us or submitting an application. Your question may be answered here! Email your product descriptions to vendor@originalgullahfestival.org  Once your products have been reviewed/approved, you will be contacted.

THEN, mail your application with your payment.

Applications are in the yellow boxes below.  


Vendors that are accepted into the Market include:

  • Food: This category includes all vendors selling hot/cold food products that are served fresh at the  Vendor Market, including dessert items such as cakes, cobblers, etc...  

  • Craft: This category includes all vendors selling handmade crafts,  natural products and any merchandise that can be worn or hung. It also includes specialty items such as jarred preserves. Authors and artists are included in this category. 

  • Non-Profit Organizations:  Tax-exempt form required. This category includes any organization that is considered tax-exempt under the 501 section of the Internal Revenue Code and has a charitable purpose. Any organization wanting to sell products will be charged the craft vendor rate. 

  • Corporate Vendor: These vendors represent a corporation and provide a service to the community: Leaf Filter, Bath Fitter, etc...  


BEFORE submitting your application & payment, email vendor@originalgullahfestival.org with the products you plan to sell.  Once your products have been reviewed/approved, you will receive an email. The next step is to send the complete application & payment to the address on the application. Make sure you have read it carefully and that your email address is correct. Once your application has been received, you will receive a confirmation email. 


The Fee Covers ALL THREE DAYS!
                       Food Vendor Fee - $820 ------- One Item & Desserts $600 
                       Craft Vendor Fee - $570 ------- One Item $350
Food Vendor Application
Craft Vendor Application

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the size of the vendor space and do I bring my own supplies?

  • Vendor space is the square footage of 10x10 for Craft Vendors and 10x20 for Food Vendors. All vendors are responsible for their own materials, neat display and should come prepared with their own tables or tents and equipment. 

  • When can I set up my area?

  • Thursday evening.

  • Can I choose my vendor space?

  • The location of the vendor space is determined by the Festival. Once placed, participants cannot switch places with other vendors. 

  • I just started my small business. Can I be a vendor? (Independent Consultant)

  • If you believe your product will benefit our festival patrons and you have no plans to solicit customers, you should submit an application and wait for approval. 

  • Do you provide insurance for the vendors?

  • We do not provide insurance for the vendors. Vendors are responsible for their own insurance. 

  • Where are the vendors located?

  • Vendors are located on the outside of the gate; which gives festival patrons and the rest of the community access to vendor goods throughout the weekend.

  • Is there security for the vendor booths?

  • Once the vendor tents are set up, there is 24 hour security on site until the close of the festival. 

  • Do you offer any types of discounts or vendor specials?

  • There is an Early Bird Fee that is due by December 31, 2019. 

  • Can I just vend for one day?

  • The Original Gullah Festival is a 3-day festival and all vendors are expected to vend for 3 days. Only 3-day vendors are accepted. 

  • I want to volunteer but I don't live in the area. How else can I help?

  • If you want to make a donation, click on the #Sponsorship tab. If you will be in the area during the Festival, complete the Volunteer Application (click on the #Volunteers tab) and, as we get closer to the festival date, contact us at info@originalgullahfestival.org to let us know you're in the area and ready to help. 


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