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We have been away from each other for two years. That's too long! As we prepare to gather again, there are safety precautions that will be in place for the entire weekend. Please read the precautions below very carefully. We anticipate a great festival experience for all!


Vaccination Card

You will not be asked to show a vaccination card. However, we do not speak for non-Gullah Festival related events that you may encounter during your stay.


It is an outdoor event. Masks are not required. Therefore, if you position yourself next to patrons who are not wearing masks, please DO NOT request that their masks be worn. 

Personal Space

There is enough space in the park to practice social distancing. Please be mindful and respectful of people's personal space.

Covid Test

As a safety precaution, we recommend that you take a Covid-19 Test before attending the festival.

"Know before you go!"


Hand sanitizers will be stationed at the park. Please practice hand hygiene. 

Social Distancing

If you can't stay at least 6 feet apart from people who don't live with you, we strongly suggest that you wear your mask. 

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